Dentures & Partials

Missing teeth can impact your life, in the way you chew, the way you speak, even the way you look. Dentures replace natural teeth and provide support for the cheeks and lips. Full Dentures and Partial Dentures – or bridges – are a common and inexpensive way to replace natural teeth.

Dr. Edenson creates customized dentures and partials that are comfortable, affordable, and make it possible for people to feel good about their smile again. Implants are highly recommended under dentures for comfort and strength.

When to use full Dentures and Partial Dentures?

Full dentures are used when most of the teeth are damaged beyond repair. Partial Dentures are the ideal solution to replace a section of missing teeth, restore full chewing ability and to support your lips and cheeks.

Why use Dr. Edenson?

Dr. Edenson uses a unique procedure when fabricating dentures. This allows Dr. Edenson to get the best possible fit so that incredibly comfortable dentures become within his patient's reach.