Crowns & Bridges

Dr. Edenson places crowns on teeth when cavities are so big they literally cover the majority of the tooth structure, as well as when fillings have failed and recurrent decay is so big a filling is too risky (because the tooth will hurt or fracture). Also, if the tooth is cracked, as well as over root canals to prevent breakage (because root canalled teeth get very brittle.)

A bridge is used when there is a gap in the smile, whether it's one missing tooth or several. A bridge is made up of crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap – and a (Pontic) attached porcelain tooth in between. They are highly recommended with teeth in the smile line.

Implants are a common mistake patients and doctors routinely diagnose for missing teeth in the smile line. In addition to having less risk and being less expensive than implants, bridges are more consistently beautiful for missing front teeth. They are a great choice for any missing teeth in general, both posterior and anterior. They have a long history of success.